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Malcolm Gilreath

Malcolm Gilreath

“We are not just your average consulting company which is why we bill on an hourly basis. We take the time to learn and understand your business, know your staff, drivers, and operation. In this way, we can use our talents and guidance to best suit your needs and maximize your results.”

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Our Services

As the name implies we will assist you in being proactive in your safety and risk management programs.

We have different pricing packages and various payment plans based on your needs and the liquidity of your company. Partner with us today and see the difference!

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Our Services

Your Partner in Safety and Risk Management

There are no guarantees or implied warranties of improved DOT rating or insurance rates. There are far too many variables in dealing with each of them to make such a promise… But, I can tell you we will do our very best and we have had success in both with others!

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